10 Extra Features To Add Value To Your Custom Home

10 Extra Features To Add Value To Your Custom Home

A custom home is the perfect way to make sure your new build is everything you want it to be. But as well as building a home that’s perfect for you and your lifestyle, it can pay to think about extra features that can add value to your home.

You may not plan on selling any time soon, but thinking about ways to increase your new home’s value will pay off later down the line.

Plus, most features that add value do so because they improve the home’s efficiency, durability, or the quality of life that comes with the house – all things that you probably wouldn’t turn down. So, thinking about the value when designing your custom home not only makes sense financially, but can make your home more dream-like!

Here are a few extra features to consider when designing your custom home with value in mind.

1: Off-street parking

Nowadays, nearly everyone has a car, so including some off-street parking in your home design can make sure your home reaches its full potential in terms of value.

Parking spaces in built up areas are becoming harder to find. Dedicating a parking space on your property is going to make your life easier, and appeal to any future potential buyers, increasing the value of your home.

2: Add value with a garage

Whilst garages used to be a luxury, they’re becoming a much more common property feature. With a garage comes options and flexibility for both parking and indoor space, and with flexibility comes added value.

A garage is a great feature if you treasure your wheels and want to protect your ride from the elements of the outside world. But if, later, you decide you need more living space, or an extra guest bedroom, garages can be easily converted.

3: Outdoor social space

When designing your custom home, it’s easy to make the mistake of focusing only on the build of the property, and not what surrounds it. But a well-designed outside space or garden can truly make a home, and can add appeal and value to a property.

More and more homeowners are looking explicitly for homes that have a dedicated socialising area outdoors, and for good reason. A well-designed garden is a well-used garden, and can make the perfect spot for enjoying summer evenings.

One way to make the most of outside space, is to add an undercover al fresco area. With the added promise of a lifestyle full of al fresco dining and BBQs, you’ll increase your home’s value and create a real selling point.

4: Underfloor heating

A good heating system is essential to make your home comfortable in the cooler months. Underfloor heating is fast becoming much more mainstream, thanks to it being more energy efficient, and perhaps the most comfortable form of heating.

With this heating system, you’ll heat a larger surface area, meaning ultimate comfort. The best part is though, that it’s also energy efficient and cost effective! With a higher energy efficiency rating comes added value, and cheaper home running costs.

One of the other reasons that underfloor heating adds value, is because it can even have health benefits. Conventional heating systems cause airborne allergens to circulate around rooms, but underfloor heating reduces this circulation. This means it’s a much better option if you want to avoid asthma and allergy triggers.

Plus, underfloor heating doesn’t affect the appearance of your home at all, whereas conventional radiators can be an unsightly feature of a beautiful home.

5: Built-in storage space

Storage is one of the main things buyers consider when looking at new homes. So, making sure to include sufficient storage space in your home design can really bump up your home’s value.

Storage is something that’s timeless, we’re always going to need space to store our possessions. Everyone has more ‘stuff’ than they’d like to admit, so everyone needs some sort of storage space. Hidden and built in storage systems make homes look tidier, and help create a minimalist look without clutter, no matter how many belongings you have.

As well as storage space for clothes and possessions it pays to think about storage space in the kitchen, for food and kitchenware. A pantry can be a great addition to your home, and can be a great selling point if you decide to sell.

6: Smart home features

We’re currently in a digital age, and our homes are beginning to reflect that. Of course, we’ve all had technology in our households for years, but now, more people are beginning to make it a part of their homes.

Smart home features have come a long way in recent years, and are starting to become more mainstream. We value features that make our lives easier, so we definitely place a certain amount of value on smart home features.

By making technology a part of your home, you’ll also sell a modern and futuristic lifestyle with your property.

 7: Energy efficient windows

This feature might not be as exciting as smart home additions, but it’s one that can add to the value, durability and cost effectiveness of your home.

Anything that could need replacing or upgrading in the near future is going to lessen the value of your home. But by making sure your home is equipped with good quality (double glazed) energy efficient windows, you’ll save on the running costs of your home and in doing so, add to the value of the property.

8: Dedicate a space for breakfast

Dining rooms can be an important feature of a home, but a lot of people nowadays find themselves too busy to sit at the table and eat, especially in the mornings. With more people needing to fit in a quick meal before flying out the door to work, breakfast bars have become a popular home feature.

A space dedicated to ‘grab and go’ style meals can make your home more convenient. Plus, often, breakfast bars can give homes a more social feel, and being so close to the kitchen can make the “chef” of the family feel a little more included.

Breakfast bars are convenient, and sympathetic to busy lifestyles, and this is what can add to the value of your home.

 9: An extra bathroom 

Bathrooms can add a huge amount of value to a property, so an extra bathroom is definitely a good investment. A good rule of thumb to go by is to make sure there’s at least one bathroom on each floor.

Any type of bathroom will add value to your home, whether it’s a bathroom fully kitted out with a bath, shower and multiple basins or a smaller room with a toilet and small sink.

It’s also worth thinking about en-suites. Obviously not every bedroom needs an en-suite, but it can be a good way to create the ultimate luxury master bedroom.

10: Period features

Your custom home will be undeniably modern in design and structure but adding “period features”, such as an impressive fireplace or a vaulted ceiling can bring a touch of history and class into your home.

Whilst many of the other features have been to do with the practicality of your home, these are more focused on the design.

This is the ideal way to make sure your home’s design withstands the test of time, as you’ll give it a classic, but modern feel. And with a timeless design comes added value!


When designing your custom home it’s definitely worth thinking about the long term value of your new home. There are several ways to add value to your property, but most of them revolve around making sure your home is energy efficient, durable, and timeless.

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