Choosing A Builder to Construct Your Dream Home

choosing a builder

Whether you are looking for a project home or architectural designed house, it is important to choose a builder that prioritises cleanliness. While dirt and noisy construction vehicles are all part of the construction process, garbage and clutter are not. A clean and tidy building site reflects the builder’s commitment to the highest professional standards. […]

New Home: Form or Function?

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Form or function? This is a commonly debated question when designing and building a new home. Form and function can either conflict or coexist harmoniously. It takes a combination of innovative architecture and design, in addition to careful consideration of the behaviour of those who will be residing in the house, to achieve a balance […]

Benefits of Living in Newcastle and the Hunter

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Featuring a breathtaking coastline, endless café options, a vibrant arts community, boutique stores, a friendly community and more, Newcastle and The Hunter Valley areplaces many people are proud to call home. Enjoy the relaxed Newcastle lifestyle Two hours north of Sydney, Newcastle seems to find the right balance between a city and a relaxed beach […]

Must-Have Checklist for First-Time Home Buyers

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Buying a home for the first time is an exciting experience. There are a lot of things you can look forward to. The excitement of starting a new life is definitely one of those. But first, you’d have go to through a gruelling search for the home that best suits you. Don’t take the decision […]

5 Reasons a Knockdown Rebuild is Better Than Renovating

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Popular renovation television shows and the high costs of buying properties has tempted Australians to undertake renovations rather than knocking down and rebuilding. However, renovating is not the only option that you should consider. To renovate or knockdown rebuild can be a difficult decision to make. Before making a final decision, there are a few […]

10 Extra Features To Add Value To Your Custom Home

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A custom home is the perfect way to make sure your new build is everything you want it to be. But as well as building a home that’s perfect for you and your lifestyle, it can pay to think about extra features that can add value to your home. You may not plan on selling […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Home

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If you can’t find everything you want in an already existing home, sometimes the best way to go is to build one from scratch. Whether you plan on building it yourself or getting someone else to build it for you, you can make sure your home is exactly what you dreamed of. But if there’s […]

19 Things to Think About When Visiting a Display Home

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If you’re looking for a new home, the chances are that you’ve come across your fair share of display homes – homes set up to give you a feel for how it could look and show you its full potential. It’s easy to be blown away by display homes, and to instantly fall in love, […]

Open Floor Plans Vs Closed Floor Plans 

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Before undertaking any interior design plans, or picking out furniture pieces, you’re going to need to decide on a floor plan for your new home.   There’s no right or wrong answer to whether open or closed floor plans are better – each have their own advantages – so it really comes down to choosing a […]

How To Choose The Right Location For Your New Home 

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If you’re building a new home from scratch, part of the process will be buying land. It sounds like a simple enough process, but you need to think not just about the land itself, but the area it is in.   The location of your new house can affect the quality of life that comes with […]