Top 10 Home Design Trends to Put You Ahead of the Game in 2017

Top 10 Home Design Trends to Put You Ahead of the Game in 2017

There are so many different options when thinking about how to design your home, it can be difficult to know what’s ‘in’ and what’s definitely ‘out’. Home design trends have come a long way in the last few years, and 2010’s version of modern has long been left behind. Now we’re seeing a move towards modern styles that are more at one with technology, and with our lifestyles.

Whether you’re tackling the design of your own home, or helping a client to create the home of their dreams, here are our top 10 home design trends that will put you ahead of the game in 2017.

1.  Earthy colours

Home design trends that are in touch with nature have become more popular, and earthy colours are on the rise. Natural and earthy colours give homes a calm and homely feel, they’re not too bold and different earthly shades blend well together. From light beige to darker browns and even green colours if you’re feeling brave, earthy colours are on of the rising home design trends of 2017.

If you want to go with the earthy home design trend, then terracotta is also a good way to go, as it lends a warm and natural feeling to your home. Terracotta works particularly well in homes that are lucky enough to have a lot of natural light, as sunlight really compliments the orange-brown warmth, and almost gives it a glow.

It’s also known for not absorbing as much heat as other materials, so it’s perfect if you’re hoping to keep your home cool. Plus, thanks to the rich history of terracotta, it can be the perfect addition to your home design if you’re hoping for a good balance between modern and traditional. So terracotta is a great way to go to bring earthy colours into your home.

2. Dark and dramatic colours

If you’re more a fan of dramatic home design, dark colours might better suit your home. Previously, people have steered away from dark colours, fearing they’d make rooms look dingy and cramped, but recently home designers have begun to see its potential.

Whilst dark colours may be thought to make rooms look smaller than lighter colours might, when used in the right way, they can actually make rooms look bigger, yet cosier. When paired with artwork, dark colours can also look beautifully modern and stylish.

If you’re liking the idea of painting your walls with darker colours, one thing to note is that darker colours work best when contrasted with rich or brightly coloured furniture, artwork or accessories. Your furniture will become the centre of attention in your room. Each piece, when contrasted with the dramatic darkness, will stand out. And if rich in colour, will add an almost gothic feeling of luxury. Richly coloured velvet furniture often works well with a dark colour scheme.

3. Brave wall finishes

Gone are the days of plain old magnolia paint. People want to be wowed as they walk into a room, and brave wall finishes are a great way to give your home a spark. To pull this one off, you need to make sure your walls have character, and character that matches the vibe of your home.

Murals have become more popular and can be the perfect way to bring your personality into your home. Feature walls of exotic locations or magnificent sights are on the rise as more and more people have become interested in travelling, and this is a great way to inject your adventurous spirit into the very heart of your home.

But if you were hoping for something slightly more simple and modest, you can still be brave with your wall finishes, just by choosing an unusual texture or material for your walls. Lately home designers have enjoyed taking it back to the basics, and plain brick walls have been used to give rooms a carefree feel. The design of the wall may seem non-existent, but its simplicity is completely intentional, and allows for other aspects of the room to take the spotlight. Plain brick wall designs are great for larger rooms that have a lot of natural light.

Wood has also made its way onto our walls as a bold and modern wall finish. It might sound odd to have wood on the walls rather than the floor but a smooth finished wooden wall can look incredibly effective and give your home a more natural feel.

4. Minimalist designs

Mindfulness has made its way into popular culture, and with it has come a move towards minimalism in our designs, so you can expect to see this emerge as a major home design trend in 2017.

People have become more concerned with what it is that makes them happy, and so the thinking behind this trend is that we only need the things that bring us happiness. This means less clutter, and only the essentials on show in our homes.

This will also make your home feel a lot more spacious. You’d be surprised how much space every day clutter can take up, so without it your home will feel cleaner and lighter. The idea is that just as your home will be free of chaos and clutter, you’ll feel a lot clearer in your mind. This is a great trend to bring into play with a new home, as it offers the chance for a completely fresh start. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how refreshing this home design trend can be. Like they say, sometimes less is more.

5. Matte finishes

Matte is the new shine. It’s making an appearance everywhere, but most importantly in our homes. Kitchens in particular are adopting matte appearances, it looks classy, sleek, and a big advantage is that you won’t be forever wiping away fingerprints.

It might not be as eye catching as a gleaming shine on your appliances, instead its class comes from its modesty, and you’ll appreciate the room as a whole, rather than just the things that jump out at you.

6. Smart home features

Technology has worked its way into every aspect of our lives, and whilst most of us are yet to reap the benefits of a smart home, smart home features are on the rise and you’d be missing a trick not to include them in your new home.

Smart homes are no longer just for those that can afford luxury, they’re becoming a lot more common, and you can bet that in a few more years, smart home features will be top on buyers’ priority lists.

Including smart features into your home design will really give your home an edge, and will make your living experience much more enjoyable. So if you want to get ahead of the game with this popular home trend, make sure to get some smart light bulbs and a voice controlled thermostat and security system. You’ll have complete control over your home, all with your voice or your phone.

7. Bringing the outside, in

We’ve spoken about earthy colours, but another way you can bring nature and a touch of the outside into your home is by making use of indoor pot plants. Indoor plants can bring a more positive energy to your home, and can create quite a refreshing atmosphere. Plants are perfect for spaces that would otherwise look bare, and breathe life into your home.

Different plants can also add to the character of your home, as each different species has its own style that can compliment the overall style of your home. If you’ve gone for the minimalist look, a simpler plant might blend better with your décor, the odd flower adding a touch of personality. But if you prefer a more dramatic look, there are plenty of plants that spill out of their pots, with wild and unusual leaves.

Don’t panic if you don’t think you’ll remember to water a plant each day, as there are plenty of plants that are relatively low maintenance, so whatever your lifestyle and whatever the style of your home, you can rest assured that with a little research you can find the perfect plant for your home.

8. Heated floors

Heated floors are no longer uncommon in homes, and they’re being used in rooms throughout the house. Rather than installing more radiators, which aren’t the most aesthetic installations, people are instead turning to underfloor heating.

The best thing about this home design trend is that it’s come a long way in the last few years, and whilst underfloor heating only used to be available under tiled floors, it’s now compatible with any floor type, and anywhere in the house.

Heated floors will give your home a cosier feel, and generate a warmth that will spread evenly throughout the room, so you can wave goodbye to cold winter nights.

9. Breakfast bars

Breakfast bars aren’t a new trend, but they’re a trend that hasn’t seemed to get old at all. Instead, this trend has been snowballing for years, and it’s still going.

Most of us live busy lives, and a breakfast bar with modern bar stalls can be the perfect station for a quick meal before rushing out for the day. It also looks great, and is a feature that epitomises modern homes.

They make kitchens more efficient, and work whatever size your kitchen is. They make the most of the space in smaller kitchens, making a great alternative to a kitchen table. But then they also work in addition to a kitchen table, if your kitchen is on the larger side. It’s a great way to make use of the space and can create a homelier and more welcoming feel.

10. Hidden storage space

Last but definitely not least, storage space is one of the biggest things to think about when designing your home. We all have more belongings than we’d like to admit, and so we need places to store things, otherwise we’ll have cupboards bursting open left, right and centre.

But whilst storage space is important, it can interrupt the style and layout of your home, which is why people are moving towards hidden storage space. You’ll have space for everything you could possibly need, without having to have endless cupboards, drawers, chests and the like on show.

Hidden storage comes in the form of built in wardrobes and cupboards, so that nothing has to jut out into the main layout of your rooms. This way you can keep everything hidden away, and your space will remain exactly that – space. It will be tidy and less cluttered.


So if you’re designing your home and you’re not sure what path to take, refer back to these top 10 home design trends of 2017 and you’ll be sure to find a style that suits you. Whether you choose one of these trends to run with, or a few, every home has a unique design, but these trends will really help you create a modern and fashionable home that you can be proud of.

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